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Unwanted Hair

Unwanted Hair

The team at the Beautology Clinic at Westbury Park in Bristol are experts in treating and getting rid of Unwanted hair.

What Is Unwanted Hair

Excess hair is common in both men and women and can cause discomfort and frustration. This excess hair growth, referred to as hirsutismin women, can be hereditary or triggered by changes in hormone levels, for example, the menopause or a medical condition such as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome(PCOS). Hirsutism tends to be more common in Mediterranean, Middle Eastern andSouth Asian skin types.

Anyone with fair, grey or red hair is always recommended electrolysis as laser hair removal can not treat pigment in this hair colour. However anyone else is always recommended laser hair removal due to being a faster and more effective treatment.

What Treatments Are Available

"I have excessive dark hair and dark skin which has always been an embarrassment to me. Last year I decided to do something about it, so I had a consultation at Beautology and decided to go ahead with a course of laser hair removal. The results are just fantastic, I just don't have ANY hair left on my face and arms and I have decided to have the treatment on my legs and bikini now."

Ophelia Harding from Bradley Stoke

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