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The team at the Beautology Clinic at Westbury Park in Bristol are experts in treating Milia.

What Is Milia

Milia are small white bumps filled with keratin. They can appear anywhere on the face but most commonly around the nose area, cheeks, and eyelids. Due to their appearance, they can sometimes be mistaken for whiteheads. The reason for Milia developing is when flakes of skin get trapped under the surface of the skin.

What Treatments Are Available

Needle Extraction:

The most common milia treatment involves using a needle. Once the skin is clean, the needle is sterilised and is used to insert a tiny incision into the surface of the skin. The content of the milia is then extracted carefully, leaving no damage to the skin.


"Over a period of years whiteheads started forming across my eyelids and forehead. I was so conscious of the disfigurement that I would wear thick make-up and a long fringe. I went to the doctor who said they were aesthetic so he couldn't do anything. I looked them up on the internet and found that Beautology could treat them. After two treatments of electrolysis, they had all disappeared and my life has changed. Thank you Beautology."

Nancy Atkinson from Bristol

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