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Age & Sun Spots

Age & Sun Spots

If your age spots are increasing number and causing concern, then Beautology's range of age spot treatments may be just what you need!

What Are Age & Sun Spots

If you go out in the sun without fully protecting your skin, your skin is likely to change over time as increasing numbers of freckles will appear on your skin, these freckles are generally known as 'sunspots', liver spots or age spots. These spots are essentially damage to the skin resulting in pigments making the skin look worn and aged. People over the age of 40 years start to have increasing numbers of such spots which are harmless and painless.

 What do sunspots look like?

Sunspots are normally flat light brown, red or even black flecks similar to freckles on areas with the highest exposure to the sun's rays such as the face, shoulders, back, hands and arms. Colour is dependent upon skin tone and the amount of sun exposure. Medical terms for such spots are Solar Lentigines, Solar keratosis and Actinic Keratosis which may become rough and raised areas of the skin. Some actinic keratoses may develop into a type of skin cancer.

Signs and tests:

Skin biopsies may be performed to check that it is not cancer, and if not can be treated with technologies such as skin peels and laser.

What Treatments Are Available

"Years of sun worshiping has seen my body age dramatically over the last few years. A consultation at Beautology and a course of treatments has rejuvenated my skin and removed all those unsightly sun and age spots pigmentation. Thank you Beautology."

Alex Saunders from Bristol

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