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What Is Restore

Resurface. Stimulate. Re-tighten.

A bespoke, multi tech, results driven treatment that looks to REsurface the epidermis layer of the skin, STimulate the collagen and elastin and RE-tighten the facial muscles. Restore treatments are made up of multiple technologies using any of the treatments in Essential & Advanced above. Save 100’s on the biggest and best technologies in the industry with this all-in-one facial.

How Restore Works

Restore is Beautology’s all in one treatment that can treat any concern, with any technology, at any time. Say goodbye to purchasing courses of individual technologies and open up a new aesthetic world with this industry leading treatment.

Get access to the latest and best Aesthetic treatments such as ultrasound, radio frequency, microdermabrasion, skin peels, hydro facial, LED, non surgical facelift and much much more! Each treatment is adaptable to focus on your specific skin and concerns.

Giving you access to multiple technologies within one treatment and one great price you can be confident that you are saving £100’s on the best treatments around. Each Restore facial is worth over £200+ giving you massive savings.

What To Expect From Restore

Within every Restore treatment expect a results driven, multi technology facial, designed and bespoke tailored to your concerns and needs. A Restore treatment is based on a 65 minute facial, combining up to three different technologies in every session.

The importance of using multiple technologies within each treatment helps us tackle multiple concerns giving you the best results possible. Single technology treatments and courses have the following limitations:

- Your skin can get bored with the same treatment repeated over and over again resulting in diminishing returns

- Different technologies are required to target the 7 signs of ageing (Re-surface, Stimulate and Re-tighten)

Restore treatments can be purchased individually (try one out), as a course of treatments (we always recommend starting with a course of treatments in order to achieve your goals) and then on the unique ‘MyTime membership’ to maintain the results with monthly Restore treatments (Just like going to the gym to maintain your fitness and weight).

Who Are Restore Treatments Suitable For

Restore treatments are for anyone with any concern and any aesthetic desire.

· Have fine lines and wrinkles that you would like diminished? Then Restore is for you. Have acne you would like to get rid of? Then Restore is for you. Want access to all the newest, hottest aesthetic treatments on the market for one great price? Then Restore is for you. Fancy monthly me-time facial? Then Restore is for you.

Key Benefits

1. Never need to purchase another facial

Never need to worry again about ‘What treatment is best for my skin?’ As you can have them all and your aesthetician is on hand to prescribe expert advice

2. Tailored to you

Tailored to your skin, your skin concerns and your aesthetic desires every time

3. MyTime membership

Get access to Restore on the MyTime Restore membership

4. Get the best results at great value

Best value: This multi-technology treatment is cheaper than the individual treatments themselves

Pricing of Restore

To view the full price list click the button below.

Purchased Singularly:
- Restore Treatment (65 minutes)
- Mini Restore Treatment (35 minutes)
Course Purchase:
- Restore Course x 3
£120 each [£359] (Worth £700+)
- Restore Course x 6
£115 each [£689] (Worth £1100+)
- Mini Restore Course x 3
£95 each [£285] (Worth £400+)
- Mini Restore Course x 6
£90 each [£540] (Worth £900+)
Mytime Membership:
- MyTime Restore Mini
£70 per month
- MyTime Restore
£94 per month
- MyTime Restore Plus (Includes Expert Level treatments)
£150 per month
See Full Price List


Please find answers to the most common questions below.

What treatments do I have access to with Restore treatments? And what concerns can Restore treat?

Restore treatments get you access to all Essential & Advanced treatments within our price list. Also you get the opportunity to purchase plus treatments at an add on price. Check our price list for more details.

Anyone with any concern can have a Restore treatment. A few to list are:

1. Anti Ageing

2. Acne

3. Acne scars

4. Dark circles

5. Pigmentation

6. General maintenance

And much more..

How much money do I save with Restore treatments?

With any Restore treatment you get access to a minimum of 2-3 technologies within any treatment. An example of a Restore treatment below:

1. Image Skincare Signature Lift (Worth £80)

2. Radio frequency (Worth £100+)

3. LED technology (Worth £62)

Get this for £94 on MyTime Restore!

Why is using multiple technologies better for my skin?

Using a variety of technologies helps to tackle multiple concerns all at once. It also stops skin boredom which can lead to lesser results doing the same treatment over and over again.

How often can I have a Restore treatment?

Depending on your concerns and goals we would always recommend a course of treatments to achieve this, then ongoing maintenance treatments on our MyTime membership. If you are just looking for maintenance treatments and a bit of ‘Me-time’ then signing straight up to MyTime Restore is also okay. Your best option is to book a free consultation to discuss this with an Aesthetician.

Can I try a Restore treatment?

Yes, try out a one off Restore treatment at MyTime Restore membership price of £94.

How do I know what treatments are best for me?

Having access to all skin treatments gives you unlimited possibilities. But it is our job to do the hard work for you. All we require is for you to turn up, switch off and relax while we formulate a bespoke skincare plan using all the technologies we have to meet your needs. However if there are treatments you would like to try out then we will always accommodate as well.

How do I get access to Expert level (Plus) treatments?

On the MyTime restore membership you can get access to 4x Expert level (Plus) treatments a year at an add on fee of just £56. This gives you access to treatments such as HIFU, Microneedling, Plasma, Nlite, IPL and much more.. If you join MyTime Restore Plus, you get access to these treatments every month.

What is the best step to take to get access to these treatments? And is this available on MyTime membership?

Book a free consultation with a Beautology Aesthetician. We will formulate a bespoke skincare and product plan to meet your aesthetic goals.

Yes! Get access to Restore treatment on MyTime Restore.

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"The customer service is outstanding and the services provided are amazing! I love their staff all the ladies are wonderful. My husband and me we are both very happy with our treatments!"

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