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Microcurrent Non-Surgical Facelift

What Is Microcurrent Non Surgical Facelift

This treatment uses low level microcurrent that mimics the body’s natural electrical currents triggering reactions at a cellular level to stimulate the facial muscles, thereby lifting sagging areas of the face, leaving a youthful and toned appearance without the need for any surgical intervention.

How Non Surgical Facelift Works

During the non-surgical facelift treatment the aesthetician achieves muscle re-education, which is responsible for the contouring and lifting of the face. The result is immediate lifting, firming, smoothing and rehydration of the skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

The second portion of the microcurrent treatment is focused on the skin, improving blood circulation, product penetration and increasing the body’s natural production of collagen and elastin, which are the two components of supple, firm and youthful skin.

There is no downtime for Microcurrent non-surgical facelift treatments at all and a person can go on with their normal daily activities immediately. It is safe to use makeup following treatment but it is always wise to use factor 30+ SPF at all times in direct sunlight.

What To Expect From Non Surgical Facelift

During treatment all the facial muscles are physically manipulated using probes that transmit the microcurrent impulses. By reproducing the body’s own biological current we can re-establish muscle memory naturally thus bringing more definition to the face and body without surgery.

Microcurrent procedures will give you more radiant skin, fade any age spotting or scars, increase lymphatic drainage, reducing puffiness around the eyes and elsewhere on the face, diminish bags, and brighten dark eye circles.Anyone can enjoy the benefits of the Microcurrent Face Lift.

There is no downtime for Microcurrent non-surgical facelift treatments at all and a person can go on with their normal daily activities immediately.

It is safe to use makeup following treatment but it is always wise to use factor 30+ SPF at all times in direct sunlight.

Who Non Surgical Facelift Is Suitable For

This treatment is best for someone who has concerns such as wrinkles and deep creases, loss of facial volume.

Key Benefits

1. A lifting of the facial muscles resulting in a more youthful appearance. 

Lifted forehead, eyebrows and eyelids. 

2. Reduced chin or jowl sagging. Reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. 

Revitalised skin full of hydration. 

3. Improved texture and complexion from the very first treatment. 

4. Higher blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.

Pricing of Non Surgical Facelift

From £44

Single Areas and courses available to purchase.  To view the full price list click the button below.

Face & Neck
Face & Neck + Décolletage
Available on MyTime Restore from just £70
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Please find answers to the most common questions below.

Many treatments do I need?

The number of treatments you need depends on your age and skin type. For optimum results, we recommend an initial minimum of 6 sessions followed by maintenance sessions every 6 months.

Who should not get a microcurrent Non-Surgical facelift?

You are NOT a candidate if you are:

  • Pregnant
  • Have had heart surgery in the past year
  • Have a pacemaker
  • Have epilepsy
Does the treatment increase collagen?

Yes, microcurrent not only retrains your muscles, but it also works at a cellular level to boost collagen for firmer skin.

Are Non-surgical facelift results permanent?

We recommend that you receive microcurrent treatments at least once per month to see the best results, or every other week. Like going to the gym, regular treatments will enhance and prolong results.

Can a non-surgical facelift slim your face?

It Reduces Fine Lines and Wrinkles.

As a result, this facial treatment helps to slow down and replenish the loss of natural collagen in your skin. Research has shown that microcurrent technology increases elastin production in the skin by a whopping 45% and collagen thickness by 10%.

What age range is this treatment suited for?

This treatment is recommended for adult clients of all ages, since it preserves and maintains the youthful elements of younger clients, and acts as a rejuvenating treatment for older clients.

How long do results last?

If the full series of treatments is completed and maintenance sessions are well maintained, results should last 3-4 years. Ageing is an unstoppable assurance, therefore maintenance sessions are EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!

Your cosmetic investment is preserved as long as you are receiving booster treatments every 3-5 weeks after the initial treatment span. If you stop booster treatments, you risk losing the muscle memory after about 6 months and will have to start a new treatment span again to regain the original youthful look.

Is Non-Surgical facelift available on Mytime?

Yes! You can gain access to this treatment on your MyTime Restore membership from just £70/ month.

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