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Electrolysis For Hair Removal

What Is Electrolysis For Hair Removal

Electrolysis is a course of treatment for permanent hair removal. It is a method of removing individual hairs from the face and body.It’s most commonly used to remove small areas of unwanted hair that are difficult to remove by other methods but this treatment can also be used on larger areas too.

How Electrolysis Works

Electrolysis is a hair removal treatment in which your Aesthetician  inserts a thin wire into the hair follicle under the surface of the skin. An electric current moves down the wire to the bottom of the follicle, destroying the hair root.

The follicle damage prevents hair from growing and causes the existing hair to fall out. Electrolysis has been around for more than 100 years. It was first invented to remove irritating ingrown eyelash hairs. Electrolysis is the only FDA-approved method for permanent hair removal.

Medical electrolysis devices are called epilators. They destroy the growth centre of the hair using an electric current.

What To Expect From Electrolysis

Electrologists use a thin needle, which is often even finer than the hair. They insert the needle into the opening of the hair follicle. A small electrical current destroys the hair growth cells. The skin where the needle enters may feel temporarily hot or like a pinch.

A course of treatments is always recommended. The number of sessions needed to achieve permanent hair removal differs from person to person. You will need an appointment every couple of weeks depending on the size and what area is being treated.

Treatment length depends on several factors, including the body area and the type of hair growing there. If you’re treating a larger area, or an area with coarse hair, you’ll need more treatments.

Who Electrolysis Is Suitable For

The ideal candidate is someone looking for permanent hair removal for unwanted hair on the face or body. Any hair or skin type can be treated by electrolysis, however if you have darker hair we would always recommend laser hair removal due to a quicker and more efficient procedure.

Key Benefits

1. Safe and effective method of hair removal 

The procedure is FDA approved and is clinically proven and eliminating hair permanently 

2. Alternative to laser hair removal 

If you have fair, grey and blonde hair you will not be a candidate for laser hair removal. Electrolysis is a great alternative for permanent hair removal. 

3. No side effects 

There are no permanent side effects and you can resume normal activity straight away. 

4. Great for smaller areas

Ideal for the face regions such as forehead, cheeks, chin and upper lip

Pricing of Electrolysis

Single treatments and course prices are available. To view the full price list click the button below.

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40 mins Electrolysis
50 mins Electrolysis
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Please find answers to the most common questions below.

How does Electrolysis work?

Electrolysis works by passing a small amount of energy into each hair follicle using a very fine, flexible probe. This disables the follicle and allows the hair to fall out. As the hair grows back between treatments, it becomes weaker and finer. The aim is to disable the follicle permanently over time to stop regrowth.

How many Electrolysis treatments will I need?

The total number of sessions needed to remove hair permanently will vary from person to person. This will depend on how big the area being treated is and the density of your hair. Most clients return once a week or every other as needed. Each treatment can last from between 15 minutes to one hour depending on each individual. Repeat treatment will always be required to ensure the hair loss is permanent.

Is Electrolysis for Hair Removal painful?

Everyone is different – however you won’t feel the insertion of the probe as it is going through an open hair follicle. Once it is inserted, your practitioner will then begin the current which will give a slight tingling/stinging sensation but nothing unbearable.

Who is Electrolysis suitable for?

Electrolysis is suitable for both men and women. It can treat all skin types and hair colour, however it does work best on people with fine hair that hasn’t been previously waxed. This will all be assessed during your consultation.

What method of Electrolysis do you use?

We use Thermolysis which is a newer method than Galvanic electrolysis which offers a quicker and alternative solution to hair removal. It is performed in a very similar way to Galvanic electrolysis, however instead of an electric current the probe delivers radio energy at a high frequency. The current is transmitted and due to its high frequency, vibrates the hair follicle and irritates the water molecules surrounding. Therefore heat is produced and this thickens the fluid destroying the target cell tissue.

Why do I need so many electrolysis treatments?

Hairs have different growth cycles. Your hair follicle produces hair and discards it through shedding. This hair production cycle is a process of growth, rest and replacement. Individual hairs are in different phases of this cycle. More than one treatment catches the hairs at the right point in the cycle to destroy them.

Electrolysis aftercare

For the first 24 hours after your treatment, try to avoid activities that may irritate the hair follicles, including anything that causes sweating, tanning, staying out in the sun and applying makeup on the area.

Is electrolysis on MyTime membership

No! However you can get laser hair removal on the MyTime Remove membership.

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"I have had many treatments for electrolysis hair removal at Beautology for all parts of my body. The treatments do not hurt and have worked very well, especially on my chin area."

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