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Advanced Electrolysis For Milia, Veins And Warts

What Is Advanced Electrolysis

Skin imperfections such as skin tags, milia, broken veins, rosacea, warts and verrucas can be embarrassing areas of concern for many people, yet are quickly, easily and painlessly removed by electrolysis treatment.

How Advanced Electrolysis Works

Advanced electrolysis works by using an electric current and a very fine needle to cauterise a skin imperfection. Our experienced advanced electrolysis Aestheticians use a sterilised, disposable probe and variable current. This produces a heating effect which, when applied to the blemish, causes the structure to be destroyed.

After advanced electrolysis is complete your skin then begins its natural healing process. The dead skin cells that were involved in the treatment push up to the surface of the skin and flake off the same way a cut heals. This also may crust over and form a scab.

Advanced electrolysis is a quick and easy method for the removal of skin imperfections with no prolonged problems and little downtime. You may however feel a stinging sensation but this will always be discussed within your free consultation.

What To Expect From Advanced Electrolysis

During the consultation your Aesthetician will assess the area you wish to treat. Once assessed you will be quoted on the price of treatment. If you wish to proceed, the area will be treated within the allocated time of the consultation. If more sessions are required this will be re-booked.

During the advanced electrolysis treatment the area thread vein, skin tag or and other imperfection will be cauterised until dry to then form a crust. This is a precise treatment and only the area of concern will be treated and no healthy tissue will be touched.

After your advanced electrolysis treatment is complete, you may expect some crust and scabbing on the area (depending on what is being treated). Any minimal downtime can last up to 5-14 days, make sure you follow all the aftercare advice given to maximise the healing process.

Who Advanced Electrolysis Is Suitable For

Advanced electrolysis is suitable for anyone looking to get rid of skin perfection like red veins and skin tags. We advise if you want to have a mole removed, get this checked out by your doctor first and bring a doctor's note to your consultation to allow treatment to proceed.

Key Benefits

1. Allows you to get rid of unwanted skin Imperfections 

Treat imperfections such as raised sunspots, warts, dermatosis papulosa nigra, sebaceous hyperplasia, milia, skin tags, xanthelasma, thread veins, spider veins/naevi, bloodspots/ cherry angioma, closed comedones, moles. 

2. Safe, reliable and non invasive treatment

Advanced electrolysis is one of the least invasive and reliable methods of treating a wide variety of cosmetic imperfections. 

3. Little to no downtime 

Little to no marks will be left on the skin and allowing you to carry on with life as normal 

4. Ideal for all skin tones and types 

Anyone is able to have treatment for all skin imperfections

Pricing of Advanced Electrolysis

From £90

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Please find answers to the most common questions below.

What do I need to be aware of before my appointment?

Before attending your treatment, it is important that you inform the clinic of any medication or medical health changes. For 48 hours prior to treatment do not use retinol, exfoliating or acid products. This includes BHAs, AHAs and PHAs. It is best if you come to your appointment makeup free if we are treating the face.

What happens during Advanced Electrolysis

Advanced electrolysis is one of the least invasive and most reliable treatment methods for a variety of skin imperfections such as blood spot, milia and skin tag removal. An ultra-fine sterile disposable probe is inserted into the imperfection, producing a heating effect that cauterises it.

Does the treatment hurt?

Advanced electrolysis is one of the least invasive and most reliable treatment methods for a variety of skin imperfections such as blood spot, milia and skin tag removal. An ultra-fine sterile disposable probe is inserted into the imperfection, producing a heating effect that cauterises it.

How many sessions will I need?

The number of sessions you need will depend on how many imperfections you would like to treat. Your therapist will be able to advise you on this during your initial consultation.

What after effects will I experience?

For 24-48 hours after treatment, the skin can look pink or slightly swollen. The treated area will typically scab over or crust and drop off in around 5-21 days for the face and 2-5 weeks for the body. Once the scab has dropped off the skin underneath may be a little pink. We advise against exercise or heat treatments for 48 hours after your appointment. Keep the area clean and dry, applying aloe vera regularly to aid healing. Make sure to always wear SPF. The next day you may lightly cleanse the area with a non-perfumed cleanser.

Is Advanced Electrolysis safe?

Advanced Electrolysis is a proven safe procedure.

Will I be treated within the consultation time?

Yes! Once everything has been explained to you within the consultation, if you are happy to proceed the Aesthetician will treat the area of concern.

How much do I need to pay for the consultation?

We ask for a £25 deposit before booking the consultation. This will go towards the treatment price if you decide to go ahead with treatment. If you decide not to proceed with treatment, this will be refunded back to you after the consultation.

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