The Monthly Membership Designed To Help You
Achieve Your Skin & Laser Hair Removal Goals.

What is Mytime?

Just like going to the gym for your muscles and fitness, your skin needs exactly the same style treatment to be in its best health.

MyTime is our premium monthly membership, meticulously tailored to support and maintain your aesthetic goals.

Join over 700 members and receive:
Bespoke, multi-technology treatments
Discounted products
Excellent value
Incredible results
Every single month.

Mytime Restore.

REsurface. STimulate. REtighten.

From £70 a Month

Advanced non-surgical skin treatments.

For wrinkles, pigmentation, acne, scarring, veins, brightening, hydrating, sensitive, sun damage, problematic and tired skin.

A bespoke, multi-tech, results-driven treatment that looks to REsurface the epidermis layer of the skin, STimulate the collagen and elastin and RE-tighten the facial muscles.

✓ Monthly gym-style membership

✓ Up to 3 different technologies in each Restore session

✓ Discount off cosmeceutical products

Mytime Remove.

Remove. Unwanted. Hair.
veins treatment

From £80 a Month

Permanent Hair Removal

Permanent laser hair removal works through a series of laser treatments where the laser light beam targets the hair at the root (the follicle) beneath the skin’s surface to destroy it.

For best results a course of laser hair removal treatments is recommended to ensure all hairs are caught over the differing hair cycle growths.

✓ Pricing based off of areas in minutes e.g 30 minutes of laser hair removal = upper lip and underarms

✓ Discount off cosmeceutical products

Mytime Reduce.

Reduce. Slim. Tone.

From £150 a Month

Body Treatments

We offer a monthly Reduce membership including a range of treatmens such as Endermologie, HIFU, Cryolipolysis and more.

✓ Bespoke body treatments based on your goals

✓ Discount off cosmeceutical products

What is

What Our Mytimers Have To Say:

Take it from them...
'I love the MyTime membership.

I never thought laser would be affordable for me until my free consultation. '
- Emma H
'Decided to join MyTime and feel excited. Can change treatments as skin improves/changes. Left feeling best I've felt for a long time'
- Sue B
The best thing I've ever done for my skin'
- Jemma L

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The Mytime membership

Has been designed to give you bespoke target-focused treatments with multiple technologies from an experienced Aesthetician who has a passion to help you achieve your goals.

But Mytime is much more than that:

· It removes the stress of ‘researching and deciding’ which technologies are best for your concerns as your Aesthetician is able to prescribe the best treatment plan for you within the membership
· Each monthly appointment will use multiple technologies to address all of your concerns, so there is no need to purchase additional treatments.
· Your Aesthetician has a comprehensive range of technologies to use and chooses the best treatments for your goals on each appointment so affordability is never in question

Your treatments can be adapted to your lifestyle:
- If you have a Birthday, wedding or summer ball coming up soon your treatment/s can be focused on making you look the best you can be for that event
- If you have specific concerns in any one month that treatment can be adapt to deal with those concerns
- If you have been stressed, have migraines or would just like to relax your treatment can have relaxation at its core

..However your long term goals are central to our mission

Why our Clients love


1-2-1 Aesthetician Time

Your highly trained aesthetician will be with you throughout your journey and will get to know your skin as personally as they know their own.

You Save £££'s

To maximise results your skin specialist will change the technologies as treatments progress without extra costs for most technologies.

65 Minutes Of Heaven

65 minutes of pure bliss and pampering with a treatment plan based solely on you and your skins needs.

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Achieve your desired skin or hair removal goals.
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