Excess hair is common in both men and women and can cause distress and frustration. This excess hair growth, referred to as hirsutism in women, can be hereditary or triggered by changes in hormone levels, for example, the menopause or a medical condition such as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). Hirsutism tends to be more common in Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and South Asian skin types.

Treatment for Excess Hair in Bristol

Beautology has a variety of gold standard treatment options for the removal of hair including permanent and temporary methods:-

Laser Hair Removal - The permanent removal of unwanted hair through the use of energy from a beam of laser light which kills the hair follicle that is, therefore, unable to re-grow. Read more

Electrolysis - The permanent removal of unwanted hair through the use of an electrical current which is exposed to the hair follicle through a tiny probe, killing the hair follicle which is unable to re-grow. Read more

Waxing - The temporary removal of hair through the use of waxing (Including strip and roller waxing methods). Read more

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 Laser hair removal on the arms

 Laser hair removal on the armpits

 Laser hair removal on the back

Removal of unwanted hair treatment prices at Beautology in Bristol

 REMOVE - Permanent Hair Removal
 Laser Permanent Hair Removal Choose one area from a Tier.
Tier 1  
Glabella (Between eyebrows); Earlobes; Nose £45
Tier 2  
Lip; (Small) Chin; Navel Line; Nipples; Cheekbones £66
Tier 3  
Chin (Large); Underarms; Standard Bikini; Hands (+ Fingers); Feet (+ Toes) £85
Tier 4  
Lip + Chin; Chin + Jawline; Extended Bikini; Shoulder Blades  £109
Tier 5  
Brazilian; Lower Arms; Upper Arms; Abdomen; Shoulders; Upper Lip, Chin + Jawline      £139
Tier 6  
Chest; Buttocks; Beard/ Half Face; Half Back; Hollywood (Inc Peri Anal); Bikini & Underarms £149
Tier 7  
Hollywood & Underarms; Full Face; Lower Leg; Upper Legs £189
Tier 8  
Full Back; Full Arms; Full Face & Neck (Front); Hollywood & Underarms £239
Tier 9  
Full Leg; Full Back & Shoulders; Abdomen, Chest & Shoulders     £279
Tier 10  
a. Woman's Full Body (Excludes Face) - Includes: Full Legs, Full Arms, Any Bikini, Navel Pubis, Peri-anal, Underarms £566
b. Woman's Body & Face — Includes: Full Face, Half Legs (Upper or Lower), Half Arms (Upper Or Lower), Any Bikini Line, Navel Pubis, Peri-anal & Underarms £566
c. Men's Body - Includes Chest, Abdomen, Navel Pubis, Full Back, Shoulders, Upper Arms                          £566
Tier 11  
a. Woman's Ultimate Full Body - Includes Full Face, Neck, Chest, Abdomen, Navel Pubis, Full Back, Shoulders, Arms, Underarms, Full Legs, Buttocks, Any Bikini Line & Peri-anal £733
b. Men's Ultimate Full Body - Includes Chest, Abdomen, Navel Pubis, Full Back, Shoulders, Full arms, Underarms, Full Legs, Buttocks, Any Bikini Line & Peri-anal £733


Electrolysis Hair Removal

Up To: single
5 mins £15.50
10 mins £17.50
15 mins £23
20 mins £30
25 mins £38
40 mins £53
55 mins £68


Waxing Hair Removal
For full waxing price range please ask at reception.

Strip & Roller Wax          
Underarms £12 Forearms £16 Full Arms £20  
Full Back Or Chest & Abs  £29  Full Back & Chest & Abs  £41    
Lip or Chin £9 Lip & Chin  £15    
Bikini  £13.50 Ext Bikini  £19 Brazilian £28 Hollywood  £35
Male: Bikini  £36 Brazilian £50 Hollywood  £62
1/2 legs  £22.50 & Bikini £25 & Brazilian £41 & Hollywood £44
Full legs   £29.50  & Bikini £37.50  & Brazilian £49 & Hollywood £55

Hot Wax (Organic)

Bikini £19  Extended Bikini £24 Brazilian £40 Hollywood £40
Eyebrow £14 Lip or Chin £11 Lip + Chin £19 Underarm £18


The Next Step - Book a hair removal consultation at Beautology in Bristol

If you have concerns over your hair growth book a free consultation with one of our experts to get all your questions answered. A specialist will take you through possible treatments and design an individual treatment plan to suit your unique needs.

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What people say about removal of unwanted hair treatments at Beautology in Bristol:-

"I have excessive dark hair and dark skin which has always been an embarrassment to me. Last year I decided to do something about it so I had a consultation at Beautology and decided to go ahead with a course of laser hair removal. The results are just fantastic, I just don't have ANY hair left on my face and arms and I have decided to have the treatment on my legs and bikini now."

Ophelia Harding from Bradley Stoke

"Prior to laser I have waxed for ten years but got fed up with the hassle. I went ahead with a course of laser and I am really pleased I did. Although it is not the nicest experience in the world it was not painful, and now my armpits, legs, and bikini are now all hair-free."

Danielle Sylvester from Bristol

"First time I have had Laser treatment done. I have seen amazing results. Staff are experienced and very professional and advised me on the best treatment package. I highly recommend Beautology to anyone considering any beauty treatments!" 

Nabilah Tanzeem from Bristol

"The staff at Beautology are always excellent and make you feel very special and well cared for. I'm half way through a hair removal process but it looks like it will be a complete success!"

Nata Spooner from Bristol

* Individual results may vary from client to client and outcomes are not guaranteed.
Please speak to one of our experts about your goals and what you can expect from your treatment.

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