If you suffer from the dreaded orange-peel effect of cellulite then you are not alone, however thousands of people are now not accepting that it is part of life and are doing something about it by turning to Endermologie.

What is Endermologie?

Endermologie LPG is a proven technology to reduce cellulite and help to shape and contour your body and is the world's first patented technology to obtain market clearance in the USA for its cellulite application.

The treatment uses therapeutic massagers with specific manoeuvres working on various levels of the skin. Over a period of treatments a significant reduction in cellulite and enhanced skin texture are noticeable.

Endermologie's patented system uses rollers and valve treatment heads for lift and suction which gently pulls the skin. The pulled tissue is accurately targeted producing the required results through mecano-stimulation technology and is therefore 100% natural. This stimulation on the skin's surface sends signals to the cells (within the fibroblasts & fat cells) provoking physiological responses, that is stimulation too for the production of collagen, elastin or lipolysis).

Endermologie is ideal treatment for:-

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 Endermologie treatment results *

 Endermologie treatment before and after images *

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What Is Septa?

Septa are parallel partitions that divide the hypodermis into small cavities containing adipocytes (fat cells).
When fat cells grow, these partitions change shape and pull at where they are attached to the skin. Cellulite and its orange peel effect is the by-product of septa. LIPOMASSAGE initially relaxes the partitions improving circulation. Also, the rolling of the treatment heads triggers biological responses and stimulates the removal of stored fat.

Treatment prices for Endermologie


Level 1 Slimming, Cellulite & Tightening Treatments

ULTIMATE BODY TONING using a combination of micro currents to improve skin and muscle tone and reduce inches
Single Treatment: 30 mins £65 50 mins £80
Course of 10: 30 mins £600 50 mins £750


Level 2 Slimming, Cellulite & Tightening Treatments

ENDOMOLOGIE ( LPG)  pressurised deep tissue and lymphatic draining massage which helps to re sculpt the bodies contours, improve the appearance of cellulite and localised fat, tones the skin and reduces inches!
Single Treatment: 30 mins £60 50 mins £80
Course of 10: 30 mins £550 50 mins £700


CAVITATION  non surgical body shaping and cellulite treatment using Ultrasound wave therapy 

Single Treatment: 1 Area: 20 mins £83 2 Areas: 40 mins £105 3 Areas: 60 mins £125
Course of 5: 20 mins £350 40 mins £450 60 mins £550
Course of 10: 20 mins £650 40 mins £800 60 mins £900


Level 3 Body Treatments

RADIO FREQUENCY  A non invasive body contouring and skin tightening aesthetic treatment  using radio frequency waves to improve collagen and elastin production

1 Area: £135 2 Areas: £175 3 Areas: £195


Level 4 Body Treatments

CRYOLYPOLISIS ( Fat Freezing) offers  a proven & effective solution to stubborn pockets of fat on areas  of the body  such as  muffin tops, stomach, bingo wings, double chins, fatty knees

1 Area (Cup) £250 2 Areas (Cups) £350  3 Areas £450 4 Areas £550


LASER LIPOLYSIS (Laser LIPO) is a minimally invasive procedure that uses heat from a Diode Laser to remove body fat, which is resistant to diet or exercise

Single Treatment £95 Course of 5 : £430 Course of 10: £800


BODY MICRO NEEDLING (Dermal Roller) skin rejuvenation treatment which increases collagen production and helps improve cellulite and skin tightening

Single Treatment £225 Additional Areas £95/area


Level 5 Body Treatments

HIFU (High Intense Focus Ultrasound) non invasive target driven treatment using high intense ultrasound waves which has a lifting and tightening effect on the skin and contours

Single Areas: Decolletage, arms, full abdomen £399 per area
Upper/lower abdomen £249
Front/back of thighs £299
Full thighs £499

(discount available for multiple areas)

MESOTHERAPY (injection lipolysis) is a non surgical procedure using micro injections of active ingredients which help to break down stubborn fats and cellulite from the stomach, thighs, hips, arms, face, chin and neck. Lipolysis can also help treat your hair loss.

 Areas: 1 - £130 2 - £170 3 - £200


VOLTAIC PLASMA (COMING IN 2019!)  A plasma spark vaporises superficial skin tissue leaving a carbon crust  which naturally drops off over a few days . When repeated over the area of concern the skin is left tighter and firmer with amazing results previously only achieved by surgery.

Areas: 1 - £499 2 – £699 3 areas – £799



The Next Step - Book an Endermologie Consultation at Beautology in Bristol

If you have any aesthetic concerns and wonder whether endermologie can help then book in for a free endermologie consultation with one of our experts to get all your questions answered. A specialist will take you through possible treatments and design an individual treatment plan to suit your unique needs.

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What people say about endermologie treatment at Beautology in Bristol *

"I've always suffered from cellulite on my thighs, but after my third child, I decided to do something about it. I got expert advice and decided to have a course of ten Endermologie treatments. The treatment itself was not painful and was like a deep massage. After the course, my cellulite has reduced by about 80% and now can barely be seen. I am having one maintenance treatment per month to keep the results."

Liz Evans from Bristol *

"For years, I have hated lying on the beach showing my cellulite hips and thighs until last year I had endermologie treatments alongside my diet and exercise program. The overall results have been excellent, far better than diet and exercise alone. Five stars!"

Pam Hart from Bath *


* Individual results may vary from client to client and outcomes are not guaranteed.
Please speak to one of our experts about your goals and what you can expect from your treatment.

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