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Birth Marks

Birth Mark Removal

What are birth marks?

The colour of our skin is determined by the amount of melanin we have in our skin. Varying concentrations within our skin will give rise to dark and light complexions. These concentrations result in freckles and age spot are some of the names used to describe these brown spots.

Red birthmarks are caused by an excess of blood vessels near the surface of the skin, which can vary from pale pink to dark purple. these include port wine stains, strawberry birthmarks, haemangiomas and spider veins. Further red marks or blemishes can occur later in life, such as thread veins or broken veins – and even red scars and red stretch marks.

These Pigment lesions of the face or neck are usually difficult to camouflage. However with Laser and IPL technology systems, they are designed to deliver high energy pulses with variable duration and velocity to destroy the stain. The rapid absorption of the light energy causes the melanin to be destroyed hence diluting its concentration causing the skin to appear uniform in colour and texture.

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IPL and laser therapy works by matching the colour of the laser light to the colour of the unwanted birthmark or blemish. The light energy is delivered in a series of extremely brief pulses, which over a series of treatments breaks down the red colouring. As each pulse is extremely brief there is no build up of heat energy in the skin. This ensures minimum interference with the structure of the skin.

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